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June. 4, 2014

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Agenda focuses on substantive reductions in size and scope of the Federal Government

Reston, VA – The American Conservative Party (ACP), an affiliation of grassroots voters across the United States, has released its legislative agenda this week. The Party seeks to limit the role of the Federal Government in a myriad of ways.

As detailed on its website:, the ACP’s legislative agenda seeks to:

…require Congress to adhere to long and well-established processes and schedules for passage of the United States annual operating budget, and abolish the use of Continuing Resolutions and omnibus spending bills.

…reform or repeal of the Davis-Bacon Act, and apply right-to-work laws to all federal contracts.

…completely overhaul and reform USC Title 20, with the ultimate goals of: 1) eliminating the United States Department of Education; and 2) placing control of all education matters and policies in the hands of local communities and the states.

…reduce federal government control of land whereby land owned by the federal government that is not being explicitly used for legitimate Constitutionally mandated functions (particularly that administered by the: Park Service, Forestry Service, Fish and Wildlife and the Bureau of Land Management) should be returned to the states and to the people respectively through transfers to state governments, sales to private interests, or creation of fiduciary trusts for purposes of conservation or other interests.

While many conservatives and conservative groups nationwide advocate for many of these positions and talk about them, the ACP is focusing on action-based advocacy and is developing and promoting proposals to actually put pressure on members of Congress, especially those who consider themselves “conservative”, to take a stand and sponsor bills addressing these important initiatives.

“There is a whole lot of talk, grandstanding, and hand-wringing, but there are relatively few bills out there which actually seek to accomplish these very basic limited government aims,” says Kirk Spears, current Chairman of the American Conservative Party.

When there are examples of action on this, the ACP’s stance is that it should be recognized and applauded. Those seeking office, whether for election or reelection, need to show a commitment to action by introducing legislation and seeking support for it from their colleagues and constituents.

“We don’t see a concerted effort on the part of elected officials to adhere to the limited-government principles embodied in the Constitution. We encourage members of Congress to support legislation intended to limit the Federal Government’s involvement in areas where there is no clearly defined constitutional justification,” stated the party Secretary, Gary Adkins.

To increase grassroots advocacy for its Legislative Agenda, the ACP Board of Directors encourages its State Affiliates and District Committees to actively support the Party’s Legislative Agenda in their respective Congressional Districts and to engage with their elected representatives to let them know what is expected of them.

For more information on the ACP’s Legislative Agenda and the Party’s policy advocacy efforts go to:

ACP Policy Center


About the American Conservative Party

The American Conservative Party is a Political Party formed in February 2008 in order to develop an expressly independent organization with a clear mandate for limited and enumerated government. Its mission is to: educate citizens on conservative principles; promote limited government at every level; and support or recruit candidates who are willing to lead on those principles. For more information on the ACP, you can visit their website:, email:, or write: 1900 Campus Commons Dr., Suite 100; Reston, VA 20191.

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