It has become abundantly clear that reclaiming and restoring the United States to its previous greatness will come at a great cost to those who dare to engage in the fight. We’ve always known that on an intellectual level, but the past 48 hours have shown how downright barbaric the battle may be. Those who attempt to return the country to its constitutional ideals will face withering attacks by statists bent on maintain their power.

For me, the evidence came in two events. The first was President Obama’s speech in the Rose Garden on Tuesday, day one of the government shutdown. His statement went beyond the pale of civil political discourse. It didn’t even rise to the low-rent tactics that could be called bare-knuckled politics. Instead, the president engaged in character assassination of his political opponents, cloaking it in pathological arrogance masquerading as the moral high ground.

The second event that showed me just how hard the task would be, was the revelation that Dr. Ben Carson had been targeted by the IRS for his public criticism of the President’s signature legislation, Obamacare. Carson had the temerity to suggest that there might be a simpler and saner approach to healthcare reform – one more effective than Obamacare. A renowned neurosurgeon, Carson is a private citizen, not a public official or candidate for office. This administration has made a habit of singling out private individuals for direct scorn. The tactic is both un-presidential and un-American.

I fear that the end of Obama’s term will not solve the problem. Emboldened by the president’s rhetoric, his allies on the left have joined his attacks on conservatives, capitalists, and small-government supporters. Be assured, those who hold power will stop at nothing to destroy those who would roll back their power and return the country to its founding principles. Every patriot must look in the mirror and ask themselves whether they are prepared to withstand the barrage that will come their way. Make no mistake, if you take on the statists, they will stoop to any level to destroy you. We must answer the call. The fate of our nation requires it.

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