America is broken. The damage is not irreparable (at least not yet), but the wounds are deep and there is little in the way of healing occurring. The problems go far deeper than the political. Too many wring their hands over partisan politics thinking that bipartisanship and co-operation are the elixir to remedy all maladies. If you buy into that sort of thinking, then I’ve got a string of unicorns I’d like to sell you.

The simple fact is that most of America’s ills are not political in nature. Certainly the nanny-state government would beg to differ, but that’s just because politicians and bureaucrats have over-sized egos and not enough Americans have told them to sit down and shut up. The “solutions” that have been foisted upon us by the political class generally have, almost without fail, made matters worse rather than better.

Let’s review some of the social ills that plague our society. As you’ll see, government’s ability to solve these problems borders on the non-existent. Racial division is a spiritual/cultural problem. Poverty and joblessness are economic problems. The disintegration of the family is a spiritual/cultural problem. The lack of individual responsibility is a cultural problem. Unless you buy the notion that the government should and must be involved in every problem you may ever have, then you’ll see that it has no real place in addressing these issues. If you do think it should, then maybe you should run for office or move to Washington D.C. You’d fit right in.

The reason that government is powerless to effect any positive meaningful change on these issues is that government, by it’s very nature, does not engage with individuals well. This inability to engage prevents it from being able to address the attitudinal issues that lie at the surface of all of these problems. Essentially, government can only influence behavior, it cannot change hearts, and it is the changing of hearts and attitudes that must be done in all of these cases. The clarion call must be answered by families, churches, and civic/charitable organizations. Sieze back the role that you have ceded to government. Help people make the changes in attitudes and hearts that is needed. If we fail in this way, then the damage will be irreparable.

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