If you’re susceptible to all the hype and hyperbole surrounding this latest monstrosity coming from Congress, you probably believe that this bill is “the one.” It isn’t.

In the commercials hyping the bill, politicians tell us how wonderful it is. Illegals will:

a) prove who they are and pass a backgrouond check

b) pay for registration

c) pay back taxes

d) be gainfully employed

e) get no welfare

f) get no food stamps

g) get no free housing

h) pay taxes

i) get no ObamaCare

j) learn to speak English

I have one question for them: What if they can’t or don’t?

If they can’t prove what taxes they owe – what happens?

If they can’t afford the registration fee – what happens?

If they can’t find a job – what happens?

What taxes must they pay? Federal income taxes? Really? If they’re earning below the poverty level, they’ll get the Earned Income Tax Credit, and get money from you and me.

If they can’t find a job, do they get deported?

If they can’t afford food, does the government let them starve?

If they need medical care, does the government refuse them emergency room access at hospitals?

Where do these people go to learn English, who conducts the classes, and what is the “passing” grade for learning to speak English? I see another government agency looming here.

The government, as usual, never considers what is to be done if a regulation or law is not followed.

These pinheads just think that if they pass a law, problem solved; just throw some money at it, and all is well.

With the real unemployment rate at about 13%, what are the job prospects for an uneducated, unskilled immigrant?

We’re being scammed again, just as we were in 1986. Don’t fall for it.

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