A Citizen’s petition to the 113th Congress of the United States

An individual sits in the Oval Office usually with his feet callously placed upon the Rutherford B. Hayes desk. He pontificates to his minions, Czars appointed by him without recourse to approval by the Congress. How much time is allotted to an interloper to wreak all manner of havoc on our great republic? It is now Four Years, Two Months and 74 days that Barack Hussein Obama has been permitted to cavalierly run roughshod over the manners and morals of this Greatest of Nations.

Mr. Obama contributed absolutely nothing to our successes nor to our military prowess during the Twentieth Century. Any and all efforts made by Mr. Obama were at best self-serving and at worst counter to the best efforts we have mustered in our time of turmoil and foreign wars. He personifies the dissident socialist and would-be dictator as indicated by his oft stated promise to “Do it my way if Congress does not see fit to accede to my wishes.”

His overt threat to Majority Leader Cantor was a gross insult to the House of Representatives, a breach of etiquette, ethics and common decency. Mr. Obama’s absolute disrespect for the Constitution is appalling, a violation of the Presidential Oath of Office and basic polite behavior.

His boorish behavior toward Governor Brewer is unacceptable as is his obsequies bowing and scraping to foreign Heads of State in contradistinction to his very open and undiplomatic behavior to Prime Minister Netanyahu when Mr. Netanyahu was a Guest of the United States.

The aforementioned misbehavior pales in comparison to the High Crimes and Misdemeanors committed by Mr. Obama and for which he has yet to be even questioned, censured, Impeached or brought to trial. His catalog of High Crimes and Misdemeanors is voluminous. I here offer just a sampling. During his 2007 and 2008 campaign for the presidency, he offered ho credentials for that high office, he claimed to be a qualified citizen. That has never been determined.

Mr. Obama made promises, more than the typical lies of campaigning contenders for high office. These prevarications amount to the crime of perjury for which Mr. Obama should have been impeached during his first term in his usurped office. That would have been possible during the Second Session of the 112th Congress; however Speaker Boehner disingenuously told me, “We don’t have enough votes, when in fact only a simple majority is all that is required to impeach.

Mr. Obama did on March 19, 2011, without consulting Congress, order American forces to launch air strikes against Libyan forces using UN Security Council Resolution 1973 as his singular authority. He was in direct violation of the United States Constitution, which gives the United States Congress sole power to declare war. Obviously Obama overstepped his authority—an impeachable offense. As a matter of fact such action under the circumstances cited may be considered Treason.

Mr. Obama, utilizing Executive Orders rather than Congressional legislation has exercised a transition of power to the Executive Branch not warranted by the situation;
We have a functioning Congress, albeit not able to pass even the most basic legislation.

Nearly every President from Andrew Jackson another Imperial President and the First Democrat, has attempted to become the dominant Branch of our Government. History records only Democrats seem to be infected with this ailment. Harry Truman was an obvious exception. Character was his guiding principle. Obama has a decided lack of character.

The Guiding Spirit of this great nation is its Judeo-Christian Ethic. Mr. Obama has absolutely none in his acquired persona. He has abandoned both Christianity and Islam (the religion he seems most concerned about keeping in good graces) in favor of the LGBT lifestyle, detested and forbidden by both Christianity and Islam. This is not unexpected; his spiritual mentor in Chicago was Jeremiah Wright, a renegade Christian who provided ‘suitable’ marriages for those on the “Down Low.”

Both Mr. Obama and his Attorney General, Eric Holder provided false advice and a warning to Governor Brewer in the wake of her signing into law, SB 1070. The Constitution in Article I, Section 10, paragraph 3 explicitly states that the Chief Executive of any of the several states, in the face of an imminent threat may take such action as deemed necessary to repel the foreign invaders. In plain language, both lied.

In the matter of “Fast and Furious” both lied repeatedly and to this very day have refused to turn over to the House documents related to that deadly episode.

Simply because LTC Terry Lakin correctly questioned Obama’s eligibility to serve, he was railroaded, Dishonorably Discharged and imprisoned in Leavenworth.

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, Obama has proved to be an arrogant, disobedient servant, an unmitigated liar, treacherous, deceptive, unmanly, and inhumane, a bully and a narcissistic, self-admirer with aspirations of emperorship. Time for the 113th Congress to act and make Mr. Obama defend every one of these misbehaviors.

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  • The ACP says

    And now this TRAITOR/DICTATOR is talking about launching missiles at Syria to get us involved in yet another war we have no business getting involved in. Let all the countries in the mideast have the wars with their own people. We should not loose another soldier in a place we have no business being in. While at it, congress, do your business and arrest this traitor and put him in front of a firing squad along with his accomplices.