Since this pacifist, cowardly, communist Muslim came into office, the race to destroy the culture that is America has advanced even more rapidly than in the past. Let’s count the ways.

Refusal to protect our borders – a primary responsibility of the President. This allows more and more illegal aliens, not all of them Latinos, to invade America, and bring their cultures with them, thus diluting the culture of America.

Allowing immigrants, the legal ones, to bring their culture with them when they immigrate, then demand that America accommodate their demands.

Destroy the Christian faith. Those who read my first book, “What Kind of America….Do You Want to Leave Your Kids?” documents the myriad instances of where comrade Obama has spoken out against, and ordered the military to remove prayer, remove symbols, and dictate that the word God, as it applies to Christians, be made mute.

Take God out of the government school system so as to reinforce the indocttrination of children in the socialist, communist society that is the end game.

Encourage homosexual behavior, even marriage, so as to invalidate the Christian Bible. In the case of homosexuality, even the Muslim fiath condemns it, and calls for death to those who practice such behavior. This also is fully documented in my first book.

Attack and destroy private property rights, a pillar of a free society. The government then becomes the “owner” of all the land, and the working class merely inhabitants of it, with government permission.

Use of Agenda 21 to reduce human population, confiscate firearms of all kinds, in favor of a “more civil society.” This is in furtherance of the intent to remove freedom, free will, and God from society in favor of the ruling class elites making life and death decisions.

Total disregard of the fourth Amendment regarding privacy in favor of the government having the right to spy on us in every aspect of our lives under the guise of national security.

Make abortion the rule rather than the exception. Going clear back to Margaret Sanger, selective genocide is a means by which the inhabitants of a society are controlled. The sanctity of life has been discarded unthe the guise of “A woman’s right to choose.” Case in point – approximately 70% of children born to black American women have no father, thus ensuring a life of poverty and despair. The solution, according to the government: abort them before they can be born. This mentality also drives another arrow into the heart of the Christian theology where life, even unborn life, is sacred. The government has no such belief.

This is not an all-inclusive list, but you get the point. Destroy the culture, make life appear hopeless without the government’s assistance, life or death determined by the government, the death of the Christian God, the continual shredding of the Constitution, converting the Supreme Court into a political body, where some members invent rights or deny rights according to their politcal persuasion.

The end is near for America unless a much larger number of seemingly apathetic Americans wake up, get involved, and fight back. Unfortunately, it may well take another civil war to restore America to its rightful place in the world – the greatest country ever in the history of the planet.

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