President Obama is set to meet Chinese President Xi this week. To be sure both men will discuss trade relations and ongoing commitment towards free trade and security issues.

Other issues we hope that are on President Obama’s agenda are the ones directly related to American national security and global competitiveness.

To mention but a few are the concerns over China’s hacking of American high-tech weapon systems, continual cyber attacks on American power grids, critical information networks and other vital infrastructure. We also hope President Obama will confront President Xi directly over his country’s information piracy.

China routinely commits intellectual property theft, purposely undervalues its currency to protect its own industries, while flooding American markets with cheap imports that often fail to meet the same standards and regulations American manufactures are held to.

Free and fair trade is a two way street. China must be held accountable for its actions and the United States needs to use its economic leverage and make China play with its hands above the table.

Isn’t losing 2.5 million American jobs to China along with the largest trade imbalance in our history enough for action? Which side are our leaders on?

To be fair, some progress has been made but its hardly enough. President Obama has taken a few cases to the WTO organization and won. But more involvement from Congress is needed, especially those representatives from districts affected by China’s cheating.

The finals points are these: China will cheat until it is forced not to; corporations will continue to export jobs until America reduces stifling regulations.

We will need real leadership to make that happen.

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