I was talking to a friend today (a black conservative in New Jersey) who reminded me that the current scandals don’t really register with many people in the United States. This is particularly true here in the Northeast. It got me to wondering why and what it means to this president.

First, Benghazi. Benghazi was and is a travesty. We didn’t protect our consulate, we told our defenders to stand down during the attack, and we refused to admit that the attack was done by Islamic extremists. (By the way, I refuse to call this a terrorist attack since the only people who might’ve been terrorized for the people who were actually in the consulate. It was an act of war, but the people in Washington refused to admit that). Why don’t people in the United States care?

First, they have not been told about the incident by those to whom they listen. It’s not only the mainstream media, is also the local media, there churches, pastors, and other trusted people. They just don’t care. It’s something happens overseas, happens all of time, and it has “virtually no impact on our life in the United States”. Why bother, why care? The Republicans can complain about all they want but nobody will really listen.

I do believe that we should continue to investigate and do whatever is necessary but don’t expect it to resonate overtly with the American public. It may help to create a feeling of insecurity, but that’s about it.

Second, the IRS. Everybody knows (except for the great masses of uninformed) that it was wrong to target conservative groups. However, everybody “knows” that it is okay to target conservative groups. The president, his acolytes, the news media, churches, and trusted leaders have all said that tea party organizations are racist bigots who should be suppressed. Now it comes out that they are being suppressed so who cares? They are getting what they deserve.

In addition, many of the great uninformed, don’t worry about the IRS. The IRS is one of the most feared organizations in the government, but the impact on those who don’t pay any taxes is minimal. So why should they worry? Without somebody helping to analyze what it means to the great uninformed, who will not worry about tyranny until it happens to them, they will remain ignorant. We have to rely on the news media and their surrogates to accurately interpret what this IRS mess means to them.

Thirdly, the AP scandal. We know that the government has now spied on many reporters from the Associated Press. The president says that it is because of a national security investigation, but he knows nothing else. No one really cares, since they are either in bed with the national security people, or they don’t see how it impacts them. The true impact is that it discourages the press from reporting stuff that goes against the government narrative. Thus, they don’t and won’t help the public understand what the meaning of Benghazi really is. Also, they don’t and won’t help the public understand the meaning of the IRS scandal. Without the involvement of the press, the great uninformed will not become informed and these scandals will remain non-scandals.

This is why the Associated Press scandal is so important. We can only hope that the remaining reporters, and even the AP reporters, have the guts to tell the truth, regardless of who it hurts. I’m waiting, but so far haven’t seen anything to build my hope, except for (sometimes) Fox News and Glenn Beck.

So, will the current scandals hurt the president and the Democrats for the future election? Other than creating a condition of general malaise, I don’t think that there will be a substantial impact. The president will have an opportunity to consolidate his power and continue to press for a tyranny. It might be a last time we have an elected president in the traditional sense of the word.

So what do we do? One is to press the great uninformed on issues that are important to them, but are underreported. Illegal immigration is certainly one of these. Jobs is another. The terrible state of our urban areas, controlled by the Democrats for 30 years or more, is a third. The unfairness of the criminal justice system is another. We can discuss the current scandals with those who are aware, but in most cases they will either be unconvinced or part of problem. We should do this but we also need to get to the “masses” who don’t understand and don’t care.

We can’t rely on the press. We must get into the churches, the civic associations, the schools, and the street corners. We must talk to people face to face and let them spread the word. We can’t rely solely on TV because people don’t watch. The right radio stations, if we can find them, will be a good choice (but be prepared for severe pushback and retribution).

As conservatives, this is what our mission must be. We must do it before it’s too late.

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