The recent admission by the IRS, in which it admitted to deliberately targeting Tea Party groups and other conservative “patriot”organizations during the presidential election, should concern every citizen.

When a government and its various (unconstitutional) agencies begin to target private citizens for political differences, the very nature of our republic is challenged. This is thuggish politics, third world, banana republic behavior that has no part in America.

However, it exists right here in the good old US of A, and these ideological hounds have no qualms about using the full resources of the US federal government to unfairly target those they happen to disagree with. This is the advantage the government has over society; the power elected leaders have over their constituents — the very people who elected these leaders and sent them to Washington — and this marks the difference between the way average Americans behave and hyper-partisan, so-called “civil servants” and “elected representatives” behave.

Government has morphed, grown into a rebellious servant. It has turned to something to be feared and loathed.

Americans have to realize and wakeup to the fact that our problems will not be solved in Washington. Indeed, there can be found the source of all our problems.

We have nothing in common with our supposed leaders. Our communities have nothing in common with Washington. The sooner we realize that, the better.

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