Be sure and head to your local Democrat headquarters for information and tickets. President Obama may be coming to your town!

Remember ‘The Summer of Recovery’? Now it’s ‘The summer of ObamaCare’

This comes during a time when Obamacare still remains wildly unpopular and despite years later, the federal government still fails to meet deadlines for its implementation.

The administration is organizing their own various campaigns to get the good progressive word out to the largely uninformed public in time, and with the administration’s and the Democrats’ interests obviously very much aligned in terms of making ObamaCare at least look like a winner ahead of the 2014 elections, the Democrats have been getting to work, too. Congress it out of session this week, but the Democratic caucus left the Hill with their marching orders on how to sell ObamaCare to their constituents in the form of some handy-dandy messaging “toolkits” from the party leadership. (Hot Air)

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