America prides herself on being the so-called indispensable nation. It’s in our blood to do so. Founded with just a few million souls, its ideals forged in fire, and its freedom purchased in blood; America is as close to exceptional as can be created by men.

What made us indispensable and exceptional was our absolute resolve to those ideas from which we were created. As the years passed, each generation added to our Republic and replenished its soil so that new leaders could emerge in place of past ones. That and that alone, was what made America unique: The belief in America.

It was these things through which America would be revered and envied in the rest of the world, a working model of near perfection for other nations to emulate or reject. If America should be despised by some, it would be out of jealousy and not because of injury or offense on the part of America. This was the entire concept behind the metaphor: “A shining city on a hill.”

In recent years, America has behaved in many ways and none of them should be considered exceptional. In fact, our actions abroad are quite ordinary for a super power drunk on power, led by globalists, and run aground by politicians.

It has brought us unconstitutional wars, debt, enemies, an over extended military, and thousands of war dead. And what has been our track record since we resorted to this method? Korea, Vietnam, hundreds of peace keeping missions, Iraq and Afghanistan. An argument can be made to the merit of every single example given. Admittedly, I would concede on many points. However, in the end we must ask what exactly did America accomplish in each of these?

America’s military is designed to protect its citizens from tyranny at home, and defend the nation’s freedom from usurpers abroad. Never was its role to be freedom-provider for millions around the world. Americans die for Americans, not for Syrians, Iraqis, Afghans, or Koreans. Americans fight for the interest and security of America, not the interest and security of others.

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