Now the IRS has come forward and admitted harassing tea party and patriot groups as far back as 2011. However, they claim that it was done by low level workers and was not directed or inspired by the Obama administration.

Obama reinforced this in his press conference today. We already know that it is based on lies. Remember that Nixon faced impeachment over this.

Let’s be clear on this. There are two political appointees in the IRS, one of whom is the director. All the other workers in the IRS are supposed to be career civil servants, oblivious to politics. Obviously, something went wrong. Either the career civil servants were in fact political operatives or they were directed to harass conservative groups by the Obama administration. Either is unacceptable and neither was admitted to in the so-called apology.

Something else that was not admitted was whether the IRS has rescinded the requirements they made on these applications for nonprofit status. My guess is that if the tea parties chose not to include the information, they would continue to be harassed by the IRS. I would like to know from New Jersey tea party activists, whether the IRS has said, “so sorry, you don’t need to include this information”.

The Obama administration has a clear history of throwing low-level operatives under the bus for political decisions that have been made in the White House. Benghazi is one example. And this is another. Fast and furious as a third. The red line is another example. They never take any responsibility for what happens. They always blame middle-management, lower management, or George W. Bush. So far, we have let them get away with it. And this has got to stop. Perhaps Daryl Issa and the other congressional investigators will finally get around to showing that Obama is a failed president.

In the meantime, the conservative organizations around the country must continue to press the media and Congress to focus on these truly egregious actions. They have taken Nixon to another level. It’s about time what happened to Nixon also happens to Obama.

At least Nixon had some foreign policy successes. He ended the war in Vietnam, he opened the door to China, he continued to help fight the Soviet Union and the Cold War, and other things. All Obama has to show for his foreign policy is the killing of Osama bin Laden. All Hillary has to show for America’s foreign policy is Benghazi. Is this what is right for America? It’s about time we started to take more direct action. We are doomed if we don’t control Congress in 2014.

It is about time we took back America!

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