When I attended the US Army’s infantry school at Fort Benning (long ago but still embedded in my memory). I learned on the first day that their motto was “follow me”. Every day I knew that if I led troops into battle that my military superiors and my organization would have my back. I knew, that every effort would be made to rescue me in a precarious situation or, at a minimum, a bring my body home. We left no man behind. The entire chain of command knew this and said this.

There are a lot of things wrong with the military back in the Vietnam days but this is not one of them. It has remained the mantra to this day. We saw in Vietnam, we saw in Lebanon, we saw it in Bosnia, and we have seen it in Afghanistan and Iraq. Do not follow this principle was to not have honor. A person who violated this was rightfully shunned.

Ben Curtis/APWe have now undergone a fundamental transformation of America. Obama has chosen to dishonor America, dishonor the military, and dishonor himself. We do not have the backs of our military and intelligence operatives. Rather, we stabbed them in the back.

This blog post appearing in Blackfive says it better than I could have. I echo his remarks. It is about time that the military, both active and retired, spoke out. This about time that the American public became proud, not ashamed, of our country. It is about time that our adversaries respected us.


The following comes from Blackfive….

Today’s Democrat Party views the United States military as nothing more than a political tool to further their agenda. And after Benghazi we see that our troops and intelligence operators are expendable if Democrats think sacrificing them is in their best political interests.

But don’t take it from me; just look at what they do.

Instead of preserving the world’s most effective combat force, the Democrat Party views the U.S. military as a massive source of funding (defense budget cuts), an opportunity to shore up political support through social engineering (allowing openly gay service members), and a means to further their liberal internationalist agenda (so-called “Responsibility to Protect” operations like Libya). They know that the military community tends to vote strongly Republican, which partly explains their open contempt of the men and women that serve in the Armed Forces – whether falsely labeling them cold-blooded murderers (Rep. John Murtha), comparing them to Nazis, KGB, and the Khmer Rouge (Sen. Dick Durbin), joking about their intelligence (Sec. John Kerry)… the examples of the Democrat Party’s distaste for the military could easily fill an entire article.

But throughout American history, our troops knew at least if they were wounded, in danger of being overrun, or even killed, our military will do everything in its power to get rescue or recover you. No one gets left behind. At least that’s how it used to be.

That is, until Benghazi, which has become one of the most dishonorable events in American history. When our consulate was attacked and overran, President Obama left Americans to die. Any rescue attempt was cut off – not by our enemies, but by the Obama administration.

Even worse than the tragic and preventable deaths of four Americans, Washington’s reaction over the last eight months shows the utter disregard the Democrat Party and media have for not only the fallen, but for all of our troops and operators.

I am not saying that each and every Democrat politician wanted those men to die. But can you name any Democrat politician that has said we need to get to the bottom of Benghazi? Has any Democrat even so much as distanced themselves from their party’s callous disregard for the fallen? Washington can say they support the troops all day, it’s time they show us how they support our troops.

Since day one, the Democrat Party – primarily the Obama administration – and their media allies have sought to make the story go away. Since that didn’t work, they have resorted to distracting the American people and redirecting the focus by claiming Republicans are only making this an issue for political gain. Just imagine if your son or daughter was kill.

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