While it’s easy to get caught up in keeping score, we must not forget that Americans died while carrying out official duties for the US. They served their government and were deployed by the President of the United States. Unfortunately, it looks like these Americans were also betrayed by their government and president at a time when their very lives depended on their support.

The truly revolting part about Benghazi, aside from the tragedy of dead Americans, is that we still do not know the official story on what happened that night at our American consulate. It became evident during the election and since afterwards, the media had no interest in finding out what happened. Equally evident is the fact that the Obama administration has remained tight lipped and when they do choose to speak, they purposely mislead the public.

Benghazi represents a monumental failure to our political system. It is unfathomable in today’s age of media and technology that a president and his administration have for so long gone unchallenged and held unaccountable.

Have the people been so far removed from their government that they cannot even hold their elected leaders accountable?

Fortunately, there are brave Americans who know the real story and are finally speaking out on what has heretofore been kept hidden. Let’s pray their story gets out without hindrance or threats from the same government they swore to protect.

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