It takes a village…right?

That’s what we’ve heard, anyway. That’s the mantra of many who feel that schools and “communities” should help parents make better decisions about what their children watch, read, eat, etc. They feel that parents – families – are inadequate, and even harmful, if not buttressed by the undying and committed support of the collective “village.” There was a recent hullabaloo about Melissa Harris Perry talking about how “children belonged to the community” which got her a lot of attention, and she is still quite adamant about.Harris-Perry/Gosnell

OK, then what about the victims of Dr. Gosnell, the Pennsylvania abortion doctor (who had some of his charges thrown out yesterday by the judge, but still faces first-degree murder charges) who allegedly committed blatant infanticide in his clinic by simply snipping the backs of the neck of infants who managed to be born alive? Where was the “village” then?

Seriously…either life begins at birth or not. If THAT’S the line, then that’s the line. It should be a “takes-a-villager’s” dream. Here is a parent who has made the ultimate decision of not wanting to be responsible for their child. Where is the team of villagers with “We Love Hillary” badges swooping in and protecting innocent child victims? Where is the outcry of community responsibility and collective love?

No where…silent. Or in some cases outright defiance (not in relation to Gosnell, but infanticide in general) in the case of Florida Planned Parenthood.

One can’t help but believe this is more than simply intellectual inconsistency, but a moral hypocrisy when kids born…alive…with explicitly no one willing to take care of them, are allowed to be simply slaughtered. This is not a legal line that is complicated to thread. The far left is either serious (in the case of infanticide REALLY serious) about a woman’s “right to choose” how (and of course, when) they want to raise their families; or they’re in unabashed support of children “belonging to the community.”

It’s fair to ask: are parents ultimately responsible for the life, growth, education of children? If they can simply toss the life away by having their doctor snip the back of their neck, then they can certainly choose how they are educated…right? Alternatively: if children, basically from birth, “belong to the community” then it stands to reason that there should be a team of “villagers” standing in front of any abortion clinic offering them their home…right?

Which is it?

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