According to recent data from the Social Security Administration, there are now over 10 million Americans on disability. Last month was the 195th consecutive month that federal disability payments increased to the number of Americans receiving.

Americans are finding it easier to go on disability than it is to actually get a job. As a result, the healthy ratio of workers paying into disability to those receiving disability is steadily decreasing. Meanwhile, the economy retracts, causing government to lose revenue from a shrinking work force. The government’s solution is to raise taxes on those still working.

On second thought, that’s enough to make anyone sick.

The American Conservative Party advocates an economic climate that is business friendly. This means repeal stifling regulations, remove bureaucratic red tape, and eliminate unnecessary and burdensome taxes that hold back America’s innovative nature and entrepreneurial spirit.

In a country with modern labor and consumer laws preventing unmitigated capitalism, businesses should be allowed to produce and hire and invest in ways that benefit society and the national economy without fear of government intrusion in excess of existing laws. The free-market must be returned to its natural state so that fair wages can be established commiserate to the market and not arbitrarily dictated by the government.

If you think America can do better, then you have found an ally in us. Don’t wait for things to get better on their own, JOIN the American Conservative Party. Our country depends on it.

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