If only Councilmembers Mary Cheh, Muriel Bowser and David Catania understood that the role of the State was to protect the inalienable rights of the citizenry then, the headline would be apropos. The DC City Council, especially in reviewing Bill 20-170 “Firearm Insurance Amendment Act of 2013”, identifies law abiding fire arms owners as criminals at worst and/or high risk property owners at best. More akin to the restrictive policies of Russia than the broad liberties protected in the US Constitution, the City Council’s gun control pursuits put at risk the Second Amendment Rights of DC citizens. The DC City Council ideologues and their electorate crudely rely upon the best intentions of the Police State and reject placing supreme confidence in the sovereignty of men. No matter how noble the intent or perfect the outcome sought, the Progressive agenda puts the lives and liberties of Urban dwellers at greatest risk.

The Firearm Insurance Amendment Act of 2013 requires “that individuals secure liability insurance before obtaining a license to own a firearm”. Yeah, its like when you purchase a home. You have to have the hazard insurance before you go to settlement. You would actually have to produce proof of insurance before you obtain your license or weapon. Good luck with that! There currently is no such insurance available anywhere! The great thing about radical progressives is that they CAN make it up as they go along. Sure, Mr. Gun Owner snickering right now thinks that he is in the clear. WRONG! The Firearms Act amends the Firearms Control Regulations Act of 1975 to “include reference to the insurance-liability requirement.” Yep, that’s right! Although it does not exist, you should have had it when you bought your gun and successfully licensed your weapons against the barriers erected by the DC City Politburo. There is no grandfathering on this piece of Utopic legislation.

So what happens when a gun-owner calls his local Property and Casualty Insurer? Besides the ear splitting laughter heard on the other side, the said gun owner comes to the realization that he is now the owner of an illegal firearm in the District. Sounds like you will be visiting the local Metropolitan Police Department–or Soviet Firearms Confiscation Unit, whatever more fitting—to turn your illegal weapon into the “gubment”!

For those that have yet to figure out this Wheel of Misfortune Puzzle, DC Democrats do not like the Supreme Court and worst yet, believe that the Constitution only applies to them taking your liberties and not obliging them. The ten letter phrase you were looking for is MARTIAL LAW. Every citizen, not criminal, would lose their Second Amendment Right and become subject to the POLICE STATE. Even better, the proposed law states that you will be presumed the owner of the weapon “if the weapon is lost or stolen until the loss or theft is reported to the Metropolitan Police Department”. Meaning if the weapon is lifted from your home–”unawares”–then, you are responsible for whatever happens—injuries, deaths, emotional damages, etc. Amazing how this standard was not applied to the Obama Administration for FAST and FURIOUS! The Utopic challenge by the DC City Politburo is not meant to ensure the Constitutional Right of the Citizen but to aggressively endorse President Barack Hussein Obama’s Gun Control pursuits.

The DC City Council members’ disdain for the Second Amendment is illustrated by their unanimous support for the “March on Washington for Gun Control Recognition Resolution of 2013.” A crime is defined as “an act or the commission of an act that is forbidden or the omission of a duty that is commanded by a public law and that makes the offender liable to punishment by that law; especially : a gross violation of law.” A crime is often described as “heinous, disgraceful, foolish and reprehensible.” For the Radical Left, those that are found to be legal owners or committed to legally owning a weapon are criminals dastardly planning the most heinous act—abiding by the U.S. Constitution. Each of the Councilmembers agree that the best way to wield control is to eliminate the liberty of gun ownership.

While this bill will certainly outlaw gun ownership, it does nothing to focus on the true combatants of the Rule of Law: individuals that illegally possess unlicensed weapons. For some reason, I just do not imagine–unless I take Exit 1-Believe off the Utopia turnpike—that pimps. pushers and hustlers will be shopping for the best liability rates at State Farm, GEICO and Nationwide. Don’t let that stop the “I Believe I Can Fly” train from passing by this intersection of reasoning and ideology. Even if the true criminals chose to obey the law, they could not. Such insurance does not exist.

So why would this piece of legislation be the “pursuit of happiness” for the City Council? What best weapon could the Progressives use to confiscate your personal property. By passing this unconstitutional proposal, the DC Politburo will have accomplished what President Obama failed through a United Nation’s Small Arms Treaty and a bi-partisan gun control measure in the US Senate—gun confiscation. Joel Pollack of Breitbart’s Big Government writes:

“His opponents, the president insisted, refused to make it more difficult for “dangerous criminals” to buy weapons–ignoring one of the core arguments of the other side, namely that dangerous criminals frequently ignore the law to obtain weapons, while law-abiding citizens bear the burden of new rules and restrictions. He reduced his opponents’ motives to pure politics, accusing them of being afraid of being punished by an organized, determined minority.”

The facts are plain. The gun control measures of the President and those presented by Councilmembers Cheh, et al, are not to improve security for the sovereign individual or mitigate public safety concerns. They are to rob citizens of their rights and to marshal public opinion around the salacious myths of Home Rule style Martial Law.

DC residents are lulled into thinking that gun control reduces crime and that we can count on an aggressivepolice force to use their omniscient, omnipotent powers to protect and serve. In The Exceptional Conservative Show’s “God, Guns and the Constitution”, we have presented rebuttal that gun control does not reduce crime as much as enforcement of the Second Amendment does. In fact, there are two things that have contributed to the reduction in violent crimes and homicides in the District: (1) enforcement of current law and (2) gentrification.

The Metropolitan Police Department’s crack down on gang violence, focus on intra-governmental approaches to reducing gun and drug trafficking and seizure of illegal weapons has assisted in lowering the homicide rates. However, it does not fully explain why there is such a high level of gun violence in a gun free state. Further investigation reveals that the “underground, free market system” works in supplying the demand for personal protection. Illegal weapons can be purchased from our neighbors from the North (Maryland) and South (Virginia) or from other second-hand market sources according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF).

Then, there is gentrification. Politicians find favor amongst voters in pledging ther allegiance to “the least, the last and the lost”. It shows advocates and citizens that you care and that you understand the “eternal struggle”. However, I believe that the Bible gives greater insight on allegiances and the hearts of men. In Luke 12:34, it is written, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. ” Economic development has been the treasure of Progressives in DC for three decades. Progressives have used taxpayer funds to stimulate development and growth in West Washington and the Central City. The ideologues do understand math when it comes to maintaining their Utopia. They can not build on the backs of the poor and win the hearts and minds of the electorate. So they must promise that their economic development visions will insulate the impoverished from the natural selection of an increasingly discriminating economy. Poor people play lotteries, they do not pay the tax revenue necessary to sustain the Utopia. Only the financially secure and well connected can thrive and generate essential tax revenue to pay back excessive debt. The ideologues must build for the cultural elites while pushing the poor further from the city. As the impoverished leave, often East to Prince George’s County, Maryland where housing costs are lower, violent crime becomes more geographically fixed. Hence, gentrification, financially supported by the Mayor and Councilmembers to show their governing effectiveness and placate voters, is the weapon most used to eliminate the greatest threat to their Gun Control Utopia: their primary voters.

The Progressive agenda puts the lives and liberties of Urban dwellers at greatest risk. I know you must be thinking that “Adam Kokesh” is the greatest risk to the peace and prosperity of the Nation’s Capitol. Personally, I wish the District had been as adamant in enforcing gun law violations by NBC News Correspondent David Gregory. During an airing of “Meet the Press”, Gregory presented, on camera, a 30 round magazine and a 10 round magazine clip. According to District law:

“No person in the District shall possess, sell, or transfer any large capacity ammunition feeding device regardless of whether the device is attached to a firearm. For the purposes of this subsection, the term ‘large capacity ammunition feeding device’ means a magazine, belt, drum, feed strip, or similar device that has a capacity of, or that can be readily restored or converted to accept, more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The term ‘large capacity ammunition feeding device’ shall not include an attached tubular device designed to accept, and capable of operating only with, .22 caliber rimfire ammunition.”

Gregory must be doing some serious prison time because I know Brothers standing on 4th and Atlantic Street SE would receive the maximum penalty of law thanks to the courageous law enforcement of the Metropolitan DC Police and prosecution by the United States Attorney for the District of Columbia. Certainly, Councilmembers Marion Barry and Yvette Alexander, representatives in the most impoverished and most imprisoned areas of the city, would surely show no favoritism in applying gun law justice. The Washington Times’ Emily Miller writes:

Officials in Washington are using dirty tactics to hide the investigation and decision not to prosecute David Gregory of NBC News for illegally possessing a “high-capacity” magazine in the District of Columbia.

Forgive me, I thought that leaders of the “Chocolate City” would surely enforce and prosecute the laws justly for the “least, last and the lost” brother in Southeast DC as the wealthy, egalitarian of Northwest DC. Could gun control really be a racial thing after all? Why, yes it appears! There are just some Jim Crow-isms that will not be allowed to perish with time. The right of a man to protect himself against enemy foreign and domestic, against tyrannical governance and to possess property are afforded only the elite in the Utopia created by the Democrats under Home Rule.

There is no place under the imaginative policies of this Council for a man to fully embrace his inalienable right to protect himself. The DC City Council ideologues and their electorate have a crude reliance on the Police State and a limited faith in the sovereignty of men. The Nation’s federal city has hope. Maybe DC citizens and residents will arise to demand their freedoms and liberties before the Council passes an imaginary law that says you never had them in the first place.

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