Pundits and political operatives love to pose the question, “what voting bloc has the power?” or “which voting bloc can decide an election?” Talking about these things is what they get paid to do. I’ll discuss it here with you for free.

So what is the answer to these questions? “Conservatives” is the answer. It is a no-brainer. Study after study, poll after poll; inform us conservatives are the most publically and politically active, most giving with their time and money, and hold a higher civic IQ when compared to other ideological groups. Forget the women vote, religious vote, Hispanic vote, people who are left handed and have green eyes vote. None of them can compete with the conservative bloc, which is the largest majority in America.

So why aren’t we sweeping conservatives into office year after year, presidential election after presidential election? Politics is the answer. Too many times conservatives are forced to settle. Too many times they are left with heartburn over broken promises after supporting an impostor.

Admittedly, it would be untrue for me to say there aren’t good, conservative Republicans holding office. The fact is there are many who serve diligently, and they have our profound thanks and support. However, they are powerless against parliamentarian tactics, and establishment rule and cronyism. Conservatives have learned to accept this.

What is true for me to say, without hesitation, is that every Republican claims to be conservative during campaign season. When they reveal their true colors, it’s conservatives that suffer and the conservative movement loses support. Meanwhile, Republicans are voted into office instead of conservatives.

The result has become that more and more conservatives stay home on Election Day and refuse to support a losing proposition. That is what makes an Obama presidency possible or a six-term US Senator like John McCain feasible. Just enough conservatives hang in to keep the Republicans competitive, not knowing they could change the course of our country if they would act in unison.

When conservatives realize that, without their support, the Republican Party would vanish overnight, and only then will America have a legitimate “conservative movement.” Unfortunately, too many conservatives believe that, without the Republican Party, they are left without a voice, so they compromise. Why put one’s self in such a dilemma and partake in such a soul-wrenching affair just to say later that the “lesser of the two evils is better than the alternative.”

Why not pick up and move camp under a single, solitary conservative party? A party which sole existence rests on conservative principles.

The American Conservative Party offers something different. The party represents organized conservatism for conservatives. Any alternative out there represents uncertainty, failure, and disrespect to anyone who is a conservative.

Conservatives, it is time you take your destiny into your own hands. Our country depends on it.

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