The ACP Policy Center is the catchall for all of our Policy and Platform efforts from 2013 to 2016. We have developed these ideas, through our three Causes, into a concrete Legislative Agenda to be used to inform Congress, and those running for Congress, what the ACP expects of those it might support.

ACP Policy Initiatives:

Principles of the ACP – Our Principle Platform from Feb. 2013 lays the foundation for our advocacy efforts. (PDF)

Causes – The Three causes developed by the ACP Leadership over the last 4 years have been the following:

Sustain Liberty ( — We seek property rights and economic freedom over “comprehensive planning” and “sustainability” efforts. (PDF)
Education Choice ( — Since there is little more important than our children’s development and education, we strive to put local communities, and especially parents back in the drivers seat of education policy. (PDF)
Article One Reform ( — Major Federal Government Reform must begin with a restoration of the Legislative Branch to its proper role as laid out in Article One of the U.S. Constitution. (PDF)
The ACP Federal Legislative Agenda — this is an outline of the actions and potential bills which must be initiated by Congress to begin to restore our Republic on its rightful path. (PDF)

The ACP Questionnaire (PDF) — All incumbents or candidates for Federal elected office with representation in their district should be asked to fill out our questionnaire.

ACP Advocacy and Your District Legislative Committee

The ACP is seeking to focus on advocating to the United States Congress. We hope to, once the ACP national committee is formed, to deliver a packet of our agenda to every current Representative in the U.S. House which represents members in our affiliate States.

However, it’s incumbent on our members to advocate to their Representatives IN THEIR RESPECTIVE DISTRICTS.