We are a group of ordinary citizens: bloggers, factory workers, entrepreneurs, engineers, you name it. The American Conservative Party was not created by a billionaire or political has-been with a personal agenda; this is America, as mainstream as it gets.

Formed in 2008, the ACP advocates nationwide for:

• Constitutional government
• Respect for private property
• Personal and economic freedoms
• Equal treatment under the law

We are local citizens committed to a better future for our children, a cleaner environment, and more prosperous communities, through policies which embrace: freedom in education, property rights, and limited government.

Why America Needs the ACP

We recognize that many voters prefer to stay with their registered political party with the hope of changing it from within. However, ACP members believe real change requires an independent group with a clear primary message of limited government. Competition is the healthiest way to shift political attitudes and behaviors toward conservatism.

What We Do.

Government’s abuse of power must first of all be halted at the local level. The rot in Washington, D.C. is too deep for efforts to begin at the national level. At the local level we can have our voices heard most clearly and have the biggest effect on decisions about education, land use and taxes. Therefore, we encourage local participation in government, including attending civic meetings, working for conservative candidates and even serving on local boards and commissions. We will not cede the conversation about our nation’s future to the advocates of central planning and big government.

American Conservatives are advocates first. We demand from our elected officials that they abide by their oaths of office and seek to hold them accountable when they fall short. Regardless of the letter beside their name, we will support incumbents and candidates who show commitment to our ideals, and will seek candidates to replace those who do not show that commitment.

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It should be noted that this website is managed by the former members of the American Conservative Party, Inc., Headquartered in Reston, VA. This entity has been decommissioned at the request of its Board of Directors. There is the possibility that the entity can be created anew, regenerated, and relaunched, with conditions that there is a path to real activity and relevance at the State and National levels.
You may stay tuned here for more info on that if it becomes available.

2-15-2016 –In the meantime, please check out our final “cause” and last intellectual pursuit as a going concern: article1.us., as well as the ACP Policy Center which has our entire Platform and Legislative Agenda in a complete packet.
3-1-2016 — It has NOT escaped our attention that the nation is currently in a state of madness and chaos with the rise of billionaire real-estate tycoon Donald Trump in the national polls. Given Conservative Ben Sasse’s recent statement, it is apparent that if Trump continues to dominate, that there will be renewed demand for a limited-government Conservative party around which we can rally.
3-1 (cont) — In order to accomplish this, it is imperative that those who wish to get involved should begin the process of forming a “Conservative” Party in their respective states. This is the only place where electoral politics can be accomplished. Also, they must start finding local candidates to support who are committed to limited and Constitutional government and are willing to pursue office OUTSIDE of the Democratic or Republican machines. Different states have different rules about forming parties, but as soon as there are no less than THREE (3) State Parties who are formed according to the laws of their State, then we will re-form a National Committee to re-institute the ACP into an actual national Political Party Committee.
3-1 (cont) — Until then, please pray for our nation, and that our children and grandchildren will still know what it means to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.